How To Watch Out Of Market Football Games

By Kristie T •  Updated: 10/21/21 •  2 min read

best way to watch out of market football games

How to watch out of market football games using a VPN and your current internet streaming tv provider.

  1. Establish which local network affiliate (for example NBC) will broadcast the game.
  2. Determine if your internet streaming TV provider offers that channel. For example, if it’s an NBC affiliate, just be sure your internet streaming provider (such as SlingTV or DirecTV Now) offers NBC on your current plan.
  3. Next, use THIS CHART to determine which VPN (virtual private network) provider has servers located in or near your football teams home town. Remember the point of this is to make it “appear” that you are in a location where the game will be broadcast on local channels (network affiliates).  You can sign-up with most of the VPN companies for as little as $11/month.
  4. After you have signed up with the right VPN company for your football games broadcast area and before you turn on your new VPN server. Make sure you logged out of your internet streaming provider tv account.
  5. Turn on your VPN server and select the server located where you are wanting to watch the game. 
  6. Once your VPN is on and you are on the right server, log into your internet TV streaming provider account.  This is when your TV streaming provider will check your server’s location to see which local affiliate channels it will show you and it will see that you are located in an area where the game can be broadcast to you.
  7. Go to the channel, FOX, or NBC that is showing the game and it should be on. 
  8. Because the VPN server has made your internet streaming provider think that you are in that location.

VPN Streaming for NFL Football

To find the best VPN to stream your teams football game go to this page. We list all of the current NFL teams and VPN locations near your team. Or you can also search for VPN by the state on this page.